Day Tours to Komodo Island

Day Tours to Komodo Island

Day tours to Komodo Island are one of the best Komodo Island tour packages from Labuan Bajo. You will visit 3 to 6 places, depending on the type of boat tour you use. We have two options available for this tour package.

These arrangements do not provide for tours to Komodo island from Bali. This is because the time of departure is early in the morning. You will not catch the boat if you want to start from Bali.

On Komodo Wisata tours to Komodo from Labuan Bajo, you are free to choose the best destinations to visit. This is if you book a private day tour from Labuan Bajo. While on a shared tour you will not be able to choose your own destinations.

Our Best Day Tours to Komodo Island

The arrangement of these tour packages is for tours to see Komodo Dragons as close as we can. You will also enjoy beautiful landscapes such as Padar island and snorkeling on some great underwater spots.

Our day tours to Komodo National Park are organized with high-standard services. This is intended to give you a great experience of traveling to Komodo National Park. Our team will work out everything that is needed for your Komodo trip.

On the other way, we also plan to arrange some day tours to Komodo from Bali. We also want all the travelers to also enjoy the day tour without an overnight in Labuan Bajo. so they can go directly to the boat tour on the same day they arrive in Labuan Bajo.

Below are the best day tours from Labuan Bajo:

  1. Day tour with a Private Phinisi boat from Labuan Bajo. This Komodo tour package is perfect if you are looking for enjoyable sailing to Komodo National Park. You will be on a private Phinisi boat and will enjoy a visit to 3 or more places in Komodo National Park.
  2. Full-Day shared Tour to Komodo National Park with a high speedboat. This tour will allow you to explore 6 places in Komodo National Park. It starts at 06.00 am from the port of Labuan Bajo. You will go on a speedboat that has a capacity of 20 people.
  3. Private full-day Komodo tour package. The tour will visit 6 destinations in Komodo National Park, you can also choose your own places to visit. It starts at 06.00 am for early departure, however, you can choose to go on your own schedule.
  4. One Day tour on an open deck boat. In this tour package, you will go on an open deck boat or outrigger boat.

For the best tours to Komodo, we recommend that you prepare physically. We do not recommend if you are over 65 years old, pregnant woman, or woman in their period. If you are having a heart attack, we are also not very recommended to join this tour package.

Komodo Dragons are a type of monitoring lizard, it can smell blood at 9.5 km. They can run 20 km per hour. So please keep following all the rules before planning to book the tour to Komodo.

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